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Payday Update

March 17th, 2014 at 06:27 pm

Well after lasts week craziness I hope starting this week it will settle back down.

With this payday I managed to pay all our bills as normal, and pay $300 on the credit card. So only leaving less than $300 not due until May. And I put back around $70 into my cushion/EF.

Grandpa finally gave in and took my lower offer for the Neon, so that is essentially $200 less I owe.

As for the Neon, I am getting used to driving it. It is not horrible, but I honestly really miss my Cobalt. Frown

The Neon seems to have a tiny gas tank? Grandpa said it held 12.5 gallons, but I just was on the red mark and filled up and it only let me put in 7 gallons...

Which is only about 200 miles. So that means I will have to fill it up about twice a week. Gr.

This is the 3rd time I have filled up in the last week already.

Maybe the gas gauge is just messed up, and it actually had another 5 gallons in there, but I dont know if I want to risk it.

Husband had lots of overtime, and possibly more this week, so we should be able to pay down our debts and get back on track soon.

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