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March 7th, 2014 at 04:00 pm

So the Dodge Neon is officially parked in my driveway. Grandpas new car came in and he wanted the Neon out asap. I do not plan to get it licensed or drive it yet.

Still debating with him on price. I doubt I will be able to talk him down. But it was decided that I need the car either way. My Cobalt died on me again.

I am giving him a $500 down payment today. I am still sad that I have a car loan. My other two cars I paid for with cash. At least it is interest free I guess.

I am hoping to pay it off asap. I feel weird owing my grandpa.

We got a quote back to fix the rattle on the Cobalt. $500!!??

We said no way. Father-in-law is going to try to do it himself for the cost of parts. $100. So that at least is saving me some money. He is working on it tomorrow.

Money is going to be a little snug until my car is sold and I am out of this loan. I also still owe the propane company $272. Scrapping that together, and should have it by next Monday.

Still have to send $250 to ROTH before April 15th.

I am due some money for my side jobs, but havent heard anything. I pray they pay me soon. That will help a lot.

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  1. Mooshocker Says:

    Today is the tommorrow you worried about yesterday! You are doing great. Keep blogging and keep your focus!

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