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Keeping Afloat

January 14th, 2014 at 07:09 am

Just treading water around here.

I tried to call the plumber and see about lowering bill. No answer. I will leave a message and hopefully he will call me back.

Our electric bill was HUGE this month. $230. Most of the year it is around $120. So now I have to scramble for that money.

Trash bill and Water is also due before the end of the month.

Everything will get paid without eating into the EF but I am just trying to juggle what to pay this check, what to what until next check...

Still have another $150 on the credit card.

No money is being saved this month probably. Frown But I am just happy to cover all these costs out of the paychecks and not savings.

5 Responses to “Keeping Afloat”

  1. snafu Says:

    How does your electric bill compare with December KWH 2012 and rate per KWH? Did you suffer the ghastly winter storms and use an electric heater? An electric dryer is likewise an expensive appliance. I found it cost efficient to operate the dryer on timer for no more than 10 minutes per load. Clothes are then hung on hangers using those Dollar Store over the door type jacket holders and a couple mount of the wall with anchors. It's cost efficient to rig up some type of indoor, retractable clothes lines for towels and lingerie. The unexpected benefit was that it eliminated the need for ironing. When items are fully, 100% dry they're ready to take directly to the closet.

  2. klarose Says:

    We had such giant propane bills last year that we turned down the central heat, and turned up our electric space heaters. So I expected a bigger bill, just not that much. Our biggest bill last year was $189.

    We had to run a 3rd one in our mudroom because of the crazy low temperatures. And we had the bathroom one going full blast, trying to keep our pipes from freezing.

    So it was just a combination of everything. At least our propane lasted a lot longer this year. Which reminds me! That is another expense that has to be bought this month. I have been putting money back, but I am still about $100 short to fill the tank. So I will have to scrape that up as well. Sigh.

  3. snafu Says:

    In our area where the temperature is typically minus 30 C to prevent the pipes from freezing. It makes the water bill go up but less than KWH electric heater.

  4. snafu Says:

    to prevent the pipes from freezing. It makes the water bill go up but less than KWH electric heater.

    sorry, using an older laptop that sometimes eats sentences gurrrr

  5. snafu Says:

    Sorry, ran upstairs and got functioning machine...
    Sorry you've had such a tough time with this ghastly weather. I don't think anyone was truly prepared.

    Minus 30 C = minus 21 F, we use inexpensive, cut to fit foam pipe wrap for pipe that is accessible. To keep pipes from freezing we set the tap to as small as possible, all night drip. It increases the water bill but a less amount than KWH electric.

    It's after the fact but it's truly helpful to identify air leakage around door frames for example. Many people find a way to hang quilts over doorways short term. [double sided tape, staples].

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