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Christmas Party & God Provides

January 10th, 2014 at 07:25 am

I got so wrapped up in the water disaster this week I forgot to post about our fun weekend!

Husbands work had their Christmas party Saturday. Enough cant be said about how generous they are, I have never experienced another business like them. I am sooooo tempted to put my application in as well.

They rented a huge building. It was all decked up and so fancy, everyone was all dressed up. I felt like a queen!

There was over 150 people there, and everyone was so friendly to me. I had at least 5 people come up to me and gush about how sweet and polite my husband was to them. Even the owner. I just told them, you havent seen him at home. lol.

I think the funniest thing about this was that it is a gun warehouse so literately 90% of the people that work there are hicks. So there were people wearing fancy dresses, then there were also men with long scruffy beards and camo pants. It was a hoot.

They served prime rib and chicken cordon bleu as the main dishes. But they had probably 7 other side dishes that were just as fancy. I am not kidding when I say it was probably the most expensive and delicious meal I have ever ate.

It was also an open bar, but neither of us drink. So I had a couple cokes and husband stuck to water.

They gave away a ton of attendance prizes. (Close to 100) Including ammunition, a gun, and other odds and ends like coolers and tents.

We didnt win anything. But every employee got a hat, a very nice jacket, and a box of chocolate bullets.

We was fun to socialize, and I had a great time meeting all his co-workers and friends.

Back to today. All week I have been praying that God would provide for the money for our plumber. Well yesterday husband came home grinning ear to ear. They gave him a $3 an hour raise!!

Big Grin

That equates to about $185 extra a check! Which means we will be able to save another $100 a month at least for our EF. We will have more food money, husband will have more spending money, and we might even be able to afford internet finally!

I am so proud that my husband is a good worker. Last year at this time he was working at McDonalds, and everyone ridiculed him. Now he is thriving in a job he loves. I am so happy for him, he really deserves it.

3 Responses to “Christmas Party & God Provides”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    This is true, that the money often flows to us when we need it. Congrats to your husband on the raise! That is excellent.

  2. rachel021406 Says:

    Sounds like the party was a lot of fun! And great timing on the raise.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like a fabulous party and congrats to DH on the raise! Woowoo.

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