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We Have Water!

January 9th, 2014 at 09:38 am

Well the plumber came out this morning finally.

We have water again!!

But the spot are hard to reach, and it took him an hour to fix it. Then he had a leak and had to cut it all out and start over. Frown

So the little job took two hours.

I am not sure if he will charge us for the extra hour since it was kind of his fault... But I bet he will.

He said he will send me a bill, and I am super nervous to what it will be. I bet a few hundred dollars.

That seems so expensive for a little tiny elbow that needed replaced. It depresses me that we can not get ahead in our savings.

My mortgage payment hit and I am at $51,057.43

I am so close to breaking into $50k!

I am sorely tempted to paying an extra $57 just so I can get there, but I know it is not wise at this time.

With my normal little extra payment $29 went to escrow, so I have about $52 more until my escrow is all caught up. Hopefully by next month.

Baby goats are doing good. And I have about $500 - $750 worth of babies to sell depending on if I keep the girl or not. I wont get that money until at least May though.

1 Responses to “We Have Water!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad you have water! I know it is frustrating when things go wrong. I've found a larger emergency fund makes a difference. Since the money just gets taken from there, instead of wondering which paycheck it will come from.

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