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Worst Weekend Ever

January 7th, 2014 at 07:18 am

These last couple days have been horrible. I am ready to break down and cry.

Sunday we got this crazy snow storm. Temperatures have been below 0 for days now, and windchill has been as low at -35.

A neighbor (I dont know who) called my mother in law and told her to tell me. (What a coward) That they would call animal control if I did not put my horse into my barn. He has an outdoor field shelter, but apparently they felt that was not good enough.

Husband and I spent all of Sunday putting up tarps and walls in his field shelter. Then we decided it wasnt good enough so then we spend several more hours trying to block off a section of our barn. It is full of furniture, hay, tools and junk. And it is not animal safe, especially a horse.

We got a little pen rigged up. Sunday night was fine, but last night he was too antsy in there, and was freaking out. Somehow he cut his leg open and was bleeding everywhere, and I had to end up letting him sleep outside anyway. He was fine BTW.

I dont have many nice things to say about the neighbor who thinks they were being a good citizen... Especially since this entire county is full of horses that live in field shelters.

I had to miss work Sunday and Monday because my car was trapped behind a 3ft high drift.

This morning I woke up coughing and I heard something funny. So I run into the bathroom and our pipes had frozen and busted and water was spraying everywhere.

I screamed for my husband and we tried to shut it off, but the leak was before the shut off valve so we had to run down to the road and turn it off at the main. Which is probably a good 300 or 400ft away.

Under our house is full of water, hundreds maybe thousands of gallons spilled overnight.

Now I have a farm full of animals and no water, and our driveway is impassible.

Luckily father in law showed up with a snow plow from work, and he plowed my driveway.

So I got my car out, and father brought a couple buckets of water for animals.

Hopefully we just have one leak, and it wont cost a lot to fix. Im worried. Plumber should be here tonight or tomorrow. Even if we do get it fixed, it might refreeze. Water bill will be super high.

I just made it to work 5 minutes ago, and my mother called me and one of my goats is having babies and is in trouble. So now she is coming to get me so I can try to save my goat.

Everything is just going wrong. I dont know if I can handle it all.


8 Responses to “Worst Weekend Ever”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) So sorry. You are going through a tough time for sure. Take it one step at a time. Help the goat today. Fix the pipes tonight. Ignore the neighbor. If animal control was called, I'm sure you could have had a discussion with them. They probably would have seen your horse was in good care. Deep breath. You can handle this. And yes, it is okay to cry.

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    Wow. Hugs to you.
    Unfortunately, bad luck comes in waves.
    Just a thought. Put some clean snow in buckets and bring it inside to melt into water for the animals.
    Also, as a parent, I am familiar with those sorts of cowardly people who think they are being good citizens. They freak out and judge parents all the time. Once my six month old son was asleep in the car. it was parked in the shade, and we were sitting on the hood of the car, talking with some people we ran into. Some guy started pacing back and forth by our car and starting CALLING THE POLICE about an unattended baby in a parked car. Really? We even told him we were the parents, SITTING ON THE HOOD, and he said we should be ashamed of ourselves for leaving him in the car alone.

    This is the world we live in. There are real problems, but people seem to obsess over things that aren't really problems.

    I hope this gets better for you.

  3. momcents Says:

    ((hugs)) added to the above. CCF has wonderful advice. Take one challenge at a time. It will all work out. Wishing you peace. Please check in later to let us know how things are going.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Oh, you poor dear. You had a very bad string of luck. Take a deep breath and carry on. It will get better.

    I once had someone pull up next to me in the car and demand I roll down my windows for my dog. He was panting because we had just taken him for a run. And he was cooling off in an air-conditioned car! People jump to conclusions when they don't know much.

  5. klarose Says:

    Well just got back. Had to make an emergency trip to vet for a c-section. It was going to cost $300. But luckily the vet was able to get the mangled baby out without the surgery. We lost one baby, but saved two and the mama. It only cost $50. So that is good news!

    Still I have missed 3 days of work now, and Im still horribly upset about the pipes and water. I have no idea on the damage or the cost at this point.

    Animal control threat was stupid. Its not like they could have put him in a trailer and took him away in these icy conditions.

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Oh, my! Talk about when it rains or pours. Our Midwestern winters are horrendous. Years ago when I was growing up we had a horse and a calf. We left a barn stall open for them to use when they wished and I fed them in there. But most of the time, they were out in the pasture trying to graze. If you had a shelter and the horse didn't go in it, then it probably wasn't cold.

  7. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Hope the horse will heal quickly. And that Mama Goat will feel okay, too....I'm trying to imagine how y'all even found the water cut off under the snow. I can't even find mine under mowed lawn on a summer day.

  8. Looking Forward Says:

    Glad your goat is doing okay now.
    Good luck with the plumbing, I'm sure you'll get it all worked out.
    Do you have your horse blanketed? I'd absolutely do that. He'll be much warmer no matter where he hangs out and they keep weight on better when they stay warm. The Weatherbeeta brand has always lasted years and years for me.

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