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Sources of Extra Income

December 27th, 2013 at 03:24 pm

First I want to share how I saved $20 yesterday!

Husband bought me a beautiful Carhartt coat for Christmas. But it did not fit quite right. So we went to return it yesterday and get a different one.

Well they were having a 20% off sale on all the coats!

So we were able to return the one he had bought for full price, and buy a new one for 20% off, score!

(I am not too happy about him spending nearly $100 on a coat anyway. But he refused to take it back, and said he got a big bonus and wanted to spoil me.)

Now back to my main point. lol

This year I need to come up with a lot of money that frankly just is not in the budget. So I am going to have to come up with several thousand some how.

I thought I would share some of the ways I plan to make money this year, maybe other people will get some ideas from it.

I breed goats and am expecting at least $2,000 of profit from them. It could be more, but you just never know.

I will be getting between $200 - $400 in grant money back from school.

I will be putting at least $500 from income tax return into savings, but it may be even more. Maybe up to $2,000 depending on how my savers credit works.

I will try to get a couple freelance web design jobs. They bring in $750 for a big job, or $50 for a little job. I hope to do at least 3 this year.

Husband will get another Christmas bonus next year, and some of that will go to savings. No idea how much it will be because it is dependent on the company's profits.

Ebay is always an option, although since we have a new house we really don't have too much extra junk. But I am going to try to dig up a few things.

All these little things add up. Plus it seems like every year extra money is found. Either by gifts, or side jobs, or just whatever.

I am hoping all of this will be enough to meet our goals this year!

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good ideas on saving money. Hope you meet your goals.

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