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New Windows, New Account & Expensive Checks

December 4th, 2013 at 04:07 pm

My new windows were finally installed!

They look great, except there is a gap under one where it looks like he forgot to put a piece of metal. So I will have to call and ask what the heck.

Already I ca not feel a draft anymore! I am so excited.

The problem now is that seeing these beautiful new windows has really made me itch to put in more. It looks funny to have some old and some new. 1 more on the front, and 2 more on one side would help it look a lot more balanced. My parents are going to give me one for Christmas, but I can't come up with another $700+ to put two more in. I don't want to take money that should be going to my EF. Maybe if I get some freelance work...

My Ally account finally went through as well. I went ahead and transferred $100 from my checking. Which is not really adding anything to my EF since I count my checking too, but I was just so excited and wanted to see some money in there.

In sad news. I finally got my checking account information updated with my new name and address. I ordered a new free debit card, and new checks were going to cost $45 at the bank!

I had to bring back a signature card before they could order them, so I went online and ordered checks for $20 from walmart instead. Whoot! Savings.

Well I went and dropped off the card the lady was out to lunch so I left her a message not to order the checks from the bank.

She called me a few hours later to say she didn't get my message until she had already ordered them, and she was sorry but it was too late to cancel.

GRRRR. So I had to call walmart and luckily they could cancel that order. But now I wasted an extra $25 on checks.

Oh well I guess. They will last me for years.

3 Responses to “New Windows, New Account & Expensive Checks”

  1. snafu Says:

    I've heard of special/unique Christmas gifts but getting a gift of a window tops that list. Love it, practical, long lasting and saves on heating costs for all the years you'll live in that house. Purr-fect

    I sure don't follow the timeline offered by the lady at the bank! She can't order the cheques until she gets the actual, physical bank card, you've left the cancel message with the card BUT she gets the card and not the message at greedy bank? Nope, I don't buy that! I'd be e-mailing all the so called 'customer service' entities relative to banking requesting re-consideration/rebate for charges for cheques you don't need...likely not use.

    You might want to re-evaluate the pros and cons of giving your business to that bank long term. No point in changing after all the cost of cheques but in the future other financial entities/options might be better, cheaper and more convenient.

    While I don't know if you chose to use your bank's electronic bill pay system, this experience might have you explore the costs and efficiencies provided. What I like best is the significant control it gives me with a few computer clicks without having to drive there, park, yadda yadda...

  2. klarose Says:

    I can't complain too much. I left the card, and about 15 minutes later I decided to call and leave a message not to order the checks. I didn't think they would order them until I paid for them, but I thought I'd let them know just in case. So yes. There was about 15 minutes between me giving them the card and me telling them not to order the checks. So essentially it was my fault.

    Her assistant must have ordered the checks as soon as I dropped off the card, and the main lady must not have seen my message until she got back from lunch and checked her answering machine. Pooey.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I just want to say congratulations on the spiffy, snug new windows! May there be more of them in your future. Smile

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