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October 29th, 2013 at 04:09 pm

So much to say! I typed this post out and it somehow got deleted, so hopefully I can remember all that I said.

I am 4 years into a degree for Website Design. I have this semester, and one class left in the spring, plus my internship. Right now I’ve worked as a Secretary for going on 3 years. It’s a very stressful and time consuming job, which I don’t really enjoy.

Husband works at a sporting goods warehouse and gets to play with guns all day and drive machinery that lucky punk. Smile

What I’d love to do it work a couple days a week somewhere to stay busy, and mainly do freelance web design from home. So I can raise a family, and take care of the farm.

I’ve always been into setting goals and saving. I opened my first checking account at age 12. When was a kid I saved every dollar I got from every holiday, I mowed lawns and did odd and end things for money. When I was 12 I bought two horses, fenced our property, bought a horse trailer, and bought all the gear to go along with them. Thousands of dollars worth of stuff before I even had a real job.

I didn’t stop there. I was always an entrepreneur. At 13 I began buying and raising fancy breeds of chickens and goats. I shipped them from all over the country to get the best I could find. While other kids bought toys I bought livestock and paid for their food. The day I was legal to get a real job I started working as much as I could. Everyone thought I was crazy, but it paid off. I paid cash for a truck at 16, and completely paid my way through college without debt from the profits from my animals.

Years later I still have my goats and I believe it’s a viable business. There has been some setbacks, but I’m always improving. My goats have been sold across the country. From New Mexico, to Michigan, to Pennsylvania. The Saint Louis Zoo has even sought after my herd, and now they use my goats in their petting zoo and their trick shows. How cool is that!

I think it goes to show that with a dream and a desire you can accomplish anything, even if your young.

While I might have missed out on some of the “teenage experience” I feel like I put a good effort into improving my future, and the hard work was worth it.

My husband and I were able to buy and remodel a house even when he was out of work for 6 months, while even now our friends are still renting.

The hard truth is, goals can take a long time. After our bills are paid we only have about $300 left a month to save. So we are slow going. We don’t have tv, we watch movies, we don’t have internet, we don’t drive new cars or go to the gym. But we are happy with our lifestyle, because we are looking towards the long haul.

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