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Out of Control

October 20th, 2014 at 02:13 pm

My spending has been out of control!

I ate out almost every day last week, just because I haven't been home. I'm also scrambling to finish winter projects, and am having to buy materials that I have been putting off.

I'm really hoping the expenses are coming to a close, but I can foresee quite a bit more in the next few weeks.

1.) Payment to neighbor for baling my hay. (No idea $$)
2.) 4 new tires ($350ish)
3.) Repair our furnace which isn't working. (??)
4.) Finish horse shed ($300ish)
5.) VERY LAST school bill is due ($100)

On top of this, our Anniversary is this weekend, and we are going to a bed and breakfast for one night, and going hiking. Husband has already covered the cost of the stay, but I'm sure we will eat out at least once. And also my favorite home store is opening in a location near us, on my anniversary, so instead of presents we are going to go and buy something nice for our house. We are also both in desperate need of some new clothes, mainly jeans. We shop at a used clothing store, but still.

Thankfully our "extra" paycheck is this week. I was planning on sending it all to savings, but it looks like it will be going to cover some of our crazy spending.

Oh well. It's all necessary expenses, except the anniversary, and I could really use the relaxation. Running my self to death with job and school and internship. Which I will update about soon.

2 Responses to “Out of Control”

  1. Kiki Says:

    Does your monthly budget take into consideration these expenses so you can save something every month toward them?

  2. Violet Says:

    Wishing you a happy anniversary.

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