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Fall Checklist

September 17th, 2014 at 02:58 pm

Winter is quickly approaching and I'm about to go into full panic mode. There is so much to do to winterize, especially when you have a farm with animals. So I wanted to collect my thoughts, and make a list of what needs done, in order of importance BEFORE the snow and really cold hits.

Things completed

Repair goat house latch
Build new ramp
Clean out barn
Make buck pen
Fill propane tank

Has to be done

Put in storm windows
Put middle on horse shed
Side front of horse shed
Get hay cut and put away
Close in goat house windows
Insulate buck house
Warm solution for Juno
Get straw and put around outside of house
Make kitty bed
Finish living room/dining room archway
Find solution for leaky front door
Clean and check space heaters

Would be nice
Paint sunroom windows
Repair & paint sunroom door
Finish kitchen archway
Indoor goat manger
Move Kuzco in with goats

Had to do yearly testing on the goat herd yesterday. That took $100 out of my car money. It's a necessary expense for the business.

2 Responses to “Fall Checklist”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good to have a plan! I'm doing one of my fall cleaning tasks today...carpet cleaning. I told DH a few items we need to do before winter, and he agreed, but our list is much easier than yours. I'm wishing you nice weather days to get a lot of the work done.

  2. snafu Says:

    Good idea to create your prioritized list now. We were gob smacked to have a major snowfall September 9th, ruined crops, $ 8M damage to trees, and sent anyone with animals into dizzying amount of work. It's all very puzzling because we are told to expect a mild winter. I too add my voice to others wishing a mild winter. The goat house latch sounds important.

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