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2014 Little Goals

December 26th, 2013 at 04:29 pm

So I have already listed my big goals for the 2014 year.
Now I want to share some of my little & personal goals. Not all of my goals have to do with money, but with just life in general.

My little goals are much more likely to change than my big goals, and some are sure to be added later on in the year. But this is what I came up with at the time. They are in no specific order.

1.) 3 new windows. $1,100

We put 2 in last year, 3 this year, and now I need 3 more to finish one corner of the house. The new windows look great, and certainly help with heating and cooling. So I want to get one corner of the house finished.

My parents have generously offered to pay for one of the three as a late Christmas present, but I do not want to count on that too much in case they change their minds or are unable to later on.
The total cost will be right around $1,100 for all three.

2.) Tar porch roof.

We put a new shingle roof on the house last year, but over the porch the slant is too low to shingle and it has tar. It does leak under heavy rain. So that needs to be fixed. I would love to talk to a professional to see if we can shingle it somehow. It's ugly as heck. But I'd be okay with just re taring it if we have to. No clue on cost.

3.) Put in a garden & more landscaping.

Last year and this year was mostly focused on the inside of the house. So we didn't do any gardening, and we only put in one landscape box and a couple little plants. This year I want to spend more time working on the outside of the house, and the yard. I also want to plant a garden, even if it is small. Husband has pet turtles and they eat a LOT of fresh vegetables and fruits that are expensive. So if we could grow some it would save a lot or money.

4.) Decorate the house.

The house has been rebuilt, but it is sooo bland. I want to start adding pictures, decor, rugs, anything to spruce it up.

5.) Spend more time on crafts & hobbies & books.

I am a workaholic. I also go to school. I am so busy that I meet myself coming and going. I do not get to spend much time doing fun things, or things I enjoy. Most times I am just happy if I can keep the house reasonably clean. This year I want to slow down a little. (as best as I can with my current job) I want to ride my horse, read books, do crafts & house projects that I enjoy.

6.) Put the trim up in the house.

Trim is really the last big project left to do inside the house at the current time. We have none of it up, and our house looks unfinished.

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  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    We just put our big garden in last year. I go to an annual plant swap every spring -- you bring some of your unwanted/divided plants , seeds, etc. to the swap and get to pick out new ones for free. It is super fun, and a very cheap way to get new plants for your garden. Ours does flowers and edibles. Maybe there is one near you?

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